Our footsteps leave traces, indelible footprints, it is our duty to measure their importance.

follow our footsteps


#ouR IdentitY

I’m Sabine, I talk about the footprint  of our project Echooo.

I’m Filip, I analyse the ecosystem in which our project evolves.

I’m Claudia, I talk about the concept behind Echooo.

#OUR solution

I’m José, I present the prototypes of our connected trash can.

I’m Sebastien, I present to you the Echooo application.

I’m Thomas, and I talk about the services  of Echooo.


I’m David, I explain Echooo’s plans.

I’m Anas, I list the achievements of the Echooo project.

I’m Eliane, I make you look forward to Echooo’s future .


Great project! Thank you to all those who, in one way or another, are working towards zero waste!

Coralie Decubber

Bravo for your energy and enthusiasm!

Thierry Villers, LJE

Wonderful project, I love the entrepreneurial dynamism of the youth!

Amaury Vinogradoff

Great project, super!

M. Detela, BNP



#OUR labels